Daddy, can I be your little girl?

I promise I’ll be good unless you tell me to be naughty.


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28 Responses to Your little girl

  1. Mikey says:

    Well I’m not old enough to be your Daddy, I’m only 26 but I’d love to see how naughty you could be :) You are perfect Amy. I could fall in love with you. In fact I think I already have :)

    • Nysprod says:

      @Mikey: I would love for you to be naughty Amy…but then I would have to pull down your panties and put you over my knee for a spanking…would that make your cute cock hard?

  2. Jacke says:

    I have loved you since I first jerked off to your pics and videos a few years ago. I can’t get enough of you, You are the ultimate! I love you so much!!

  3. Uli69 says:

    Come to Daddy…

  4. Mark says:

    A True BEAUTY

  5. Romeo Beech says:

    I think you are a beutiful human being, i have watched an interview with you that says you struggle to find love, you are so pretty and i would love to come and hold you in my arms for just one night. I hate to think of you being exploited i think you have so much to offer and i would love to meet you, shame thailand is so far away

  6. jason says:

    hi amy you look so hot in this pic id love to be your daddy and dont worry if u naughty i will find a nice way to make u good

  7. hans says:

    You’re (a)my dream girl.
    i hope to see a lot of movies of you.
    greetings from holland

  8. Stranger4U says:

    Hey Amy,

    I saw some interviews from you. And I got curious about you.
    You are very beautyfull, you look so sweet, cute and nice. Are you realy a girl so cute and perfect or is it just a dream?

    Kissss, Bert

  9. mark says:

    someday if we meet. I will suck your cock and lick below your cock and you can sit on my face so can suck your shemale ball too.

  10. Paul says:

    HI!HI!HI! My lovely ladyboy AMY!!!!

  11. Paul says:


  12. Paul says:

    All Hello!

  13. ron says:

    I can’t even put into words how perfect you are!!Every girl I meet in Las Vegas I compare to you and they are not even close.They all think they are a 10 and then I show them that God only made ONE 10 AND THAT IS YOU!!!I pray that 1 day you will come to Las Vegas so I can see you and thank you for being PERFECT..XOXO…RON

  14. slimen says:

    Il live in tunisia,I love you so much amy, you are the best ladyboy how i see.i looooooooooove yoooooooou.

  15. Rosko says:

    Amy I love u be as naughty as you want with me

  16. aref kaya says:

    hi baby you are so sweet i want marry with you.

  17. Lucis Ferre says:

    I met you years ago on Walking Street. You were holding a sign for a bar. You were so, so nice and beautiful & I can tell you have a good heart. I hope I meet you again sometime when I go to Pattaya or Bangkok. I didn’t ask you to go with me that night because I was afraid I might fall in love. (true).

  18. Diego says:

    прелесть :*

  19. claude shull says:

    I will be your husband, father, and lover

  20. mark says:

    amy. I will make love and suck you she male ball while you slap me hard with your hot juicy cock then you can cum in my mouth really hard baby. love you.

  21. Charles says:

    I want you to be my little girl. I just hope mommy doesn’t find out what I want to do to you!

  22. Tank says:

    The Most Perfect Girl in the whole world….

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