This is ladyboy Beer from Bangkok. Do you like her? She is only 18 years old.

I think she’s really cute.

She is on my friends new site They have some sexy stuff of me there too and I will post some of that soon for you. They make really good photos.

How is everyone?


6 Responses to New ladyboy website

  1. Zen says:

    you are perfection !

  2. anthony says:

    she is quite cute…

  3. siyavash says:

    Sex can have so much fun together and I see 2 Talydy smell

  4. siyavash says:

    I want to have sex with it 2

  5. siyavash says:

    Hope to see you soon-Amy

  6. RMAU says:

    Some guys may be shy to go out in public and meet a ladyboy. Believe me every ladyboy lover was like this at one time and its natural to want to try and do it discreetly at first before you are ready.

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