I love this photo. It makes me feel sexy. Do you like it?

Leave me a message, tell me what you think about when you see me like this.

Whoever turns me on the most with their comment I will send some free personal photos of me. If you want, I’ll jack off on your photo and send it back to you. I’m just feeling so horny and naughty today. Maybe I just need to cum. Who can help?

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48 Responses to Waiting for you…

  1. Uli69 says:

    Love me like a lady! Love me like a boy! Love me like a Ladyboy!

  2. cloud says:

    love you

  3. john says:

    hi you are so beautiful smart and sexy i would love to kiss you all over and taste your sensational body

  4. john says:

    hi you are so beautiful smart and sexy i would love yo kiss you all over and taste your sensational body

  5. BigAlneeds69 says:

    Amy nice pics you are so very sexy that pic makes me think about having a hot 69 with you

  6. Rosko says:

    nice pic wanna 69 with u suck your sweet cock till its nice n hard the ride you cowgirl til you explode in my tight ass Xxx

  7. mark says:

    I will let you sit on my lips then I suck your balls after that I kiss your thighs after that you can fuck me hard in my mouth until you cum hard in my mouth really hard.you have a really nice cock

  8. frank says:

    you are adorable, gorgeous and so very sexy, love to hug you and cuddle and never let go

  9. wayne says:

    hi amy
    your photo so sexy i want to lie on you and rub my hard cock on your nice little tits while i suck that delicious cock till you cum in my mouth and i taste your hot juice and swallow every drop before i turn you over and slowly enter you and thrust my cock deep into you while i stroke that lovely hard cock of yours before i turn over and let you slide it inside me till you cum in me

  10. Jack says:

    I would love to just hold you & lay next to you all night long. If only you lived here in the states, an then I could make you my girl. You are so beautiful & you seem so sweet!!!

  11. Jake says:

    Hello Amy,
    I honestly think you are the most wonderful girl in the world and have been a fan of yours for some time now. Are you still in Pattaya and would it be possible to meet you when I am there?
    I would love to take you for dinner and if possible have you show me some of the lovely country of Thailand.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this email :-)

  12. Ricky says:

    I’d start nibbling your tasty nipples then work my way down your body till I got to your hard cock, then I’d let you skull fuck me and I’d make you cum so hard that it comes out my nose!

  13. Gustav King says:

    It’s very beautiful; the pose is brilliant, stylish and a nice change up. You look even better, though I’d attribute it less to the pose and more to that smoldering look in your eyes. Intense, but casual, almost familiar, without an overly serious tone, though that’s just a speculative impression. Regardless, the allure on display, the allure which you project is beyond decadent, and more than good enough to eat, metaphorically. And to a certain degree, quite possibly literally too.

  14. Tim says:

    I think about how I want to feel your sweet bottom against my pelvis. I slowly lean forward and caress your inner thighs feeling the smoothness of your skin. My manhood begins to harden as you slowly grind your bottom against me. I love smelling the scent of your hair as it falls against my face as I slowly kiss your neck and caress your bossom. You turn slowly and gaze into my eyes before our lips interlock together. I love how soft your lips feel as our tongues meet…And then we make love together and fall asleep feeling the warmth of our bodies meshed together.

  15. Stuart says:

    Watched your YouTube video (An Interview with Amy Amour) and I want to be the guy who holds you tight, hugs you, and loves you for who you are.

  16. Man Roma says:

    I’ve been with many beautiful women …. then I saw you! I love you! My dream is to meet you

  17. Paul says:

    very good photo. me likes. beautiful, sexy, and i you wanna.

  18. linotrain says:

    WOW you are a beautiful woman. ;)

  19. Dee Rawwwk says:

    Well Amy, i have woken up with such an ever so throbbing cock this morning! I am sure that it must be because i have been dreaming about you!
    I long to feel you get hard in my mouth and taste your milk and feel the tightness of your cute little ass around my shaft.
    I want to kiss those beautiful lips and hug you real tight and feel the warmth of your perfect little body against me as i gaze into those beautiful eyes of yours forever xxx

  20. jonathan says:

    hola eres tan linda y hermosa ..desde mexico besos

    hello baby you are beautyful …from mexico kisses honey

  21. Robert Montgomery says:

    The wisps your eyes create,
    The rolls of your shoulder
    Create a passion
    A desire, a want, without knowledge
    A quest to behold,,
    Your smile entraps the hearts
    And fantasies, of an unknowing soul..
    Looking at you answers most..
    And still let’s imagination
    Feel itself ignite in the desire you create.

  22. dj says:

    to see you laying on the bed with your gorgeous eyes just pulling me toward your incredibly beautiful face , your hair of black silk that I want to wrap around my cock and balls as you pull it thru my legs dragging my in to your hypnotic beauty. I get to your face standing in front of you my cock already starting to throb as I get closer , isee your sweet pink nipples and ever slowly reach for them as I want this moment to last an eternity.i reach with my hand and take your hand from your nipple and place my lips on your soft pink nipples to lick them slowly at first and suck them allthe way up to slightly chewing them until your hips begin to pulse up and down in and out and I tease you by getting every bit of satisfaction formyself watching you move to my sucking your nipples . the more I tease by sucking and pulling them I see your gorgeous throbbing cock get bigger and bigger and each time you pump your hips your cock grows more and more to almost reach my lips at your nipples . as I see you are peaked out to the point of your cock being so hard and so in want of me to lick down your chest down your glistening skin of your stomach as you have just a slight glisten of sweet sweat on your body to lick in satisfaction as I make to your cock and then I place my mouth over your cock and as I have been anticipating as much as you to taste you and suck lick and pump your shaft and work to balls and to suck and lick them as carefully and attentively as if I am feeling it myself. then as the sultry passion gets to much for me by now I grab your feminine body with my 18′ arms and flip you over spread your ass open and ram mytongue in and out of your ass up your balls and to your cock and make your ass wet and drip with anticipation of my now 9″ cock and slowy shove my huge cock tip in and ever so slowly go deeper n deeper until you scream to me how you want me to fuck you so hard that my balls slap you so hard the juice dri[img out your ass sprays our faces and as you explode I then pull my huge throbbing cock and show your my appreciation and turn on by the hottnes of my cum the height of my shooting it to the ceiling and down the back of your thoat and I tell you …..holy shit the was the fuckin balls gimme a high five ……wnna get married lol hey something like that

  23. Jimmy says:

    in that position i would suck you off till you cum in my mouth. i would swallow every drop. then i would fuck you until you are hard again then let you fuck me and cum in my ass. luv you much jimmy

  24. dave tarkus says:

    My Dear Amy,
    I am captured by your alluring eyes, sweet lips and round breasts. I would be honored to caress you with my eyes. And then slowly begin to touch your soft body, first with my fingertips and then my lips. I want to feel you shake as … (let me know if you want more)


  25. Amy, I am so excited and so driven to write you that I am tonque tied, I mean I want you to tie my up, I mean I am going to hurt myself just thinking what it would be like to be with you naked for an hour and for you to pretend that you are having fun. I am but a poor 62 year old guy but that doesn’t mean that I am can not fall in lust with you after I have heard your voice on you tube and after I have watched you naked in videos and I have the biggest hard on that I have had in 20 years. Excuse me, but if you ever what a maid, a guy who will do whatever you like to make you happy and hot Or a slave or just someone to hug or someone to talk about literature, or just someone to laugh at or someone that could hug you without being sexual, at least not trying to show it, good luck with that or better yet someone who would like to be gentle and pure baby oil all over you and make love first with your feet and then with your hands and then with whatever you would like me to love and not consider you a male or a female: just a delicious fantasy that I have always had. You are so hot………………………!!!!!!!!!

  26. AB says:

    you got me hooked from the day i saw u. I wish I could meet you and make you mine. Well, maybe one day!!
    lets not go deep into my fantasies and dreams.. just know this, even when I am with a girl, I secretly wish it was you.

  27. saji says:

    Hai how r u.i like to meet you.where are you.i am in kuwait.give reply.

  28. pawel says:

    Amy i love you, you are the most amazing girl on the planet, if i had you i would never let you go, i want to hold you in my arms forever, even the most beautiful women can’t be compared to you, you are one of a kind, i was always your biggest fan and i always will be… hope i will have an opportunity to meet you in person.. that’s my biggest wish, i will be dreaming about you my love..

  29. Richard Seals says:

    I definitely like your photo very much. All I can think about is you taking me into your mouth and me taking your legs and wrapping them around my head while I am slowly licking and sucking all of you in my mouth. I will pull your legs around my body so my tongue can reach down past your balls to your ass. I will slowly run my tongue around your anus until it works its way inside you. Deeper and deeper it goes tasting all inside you. My fingers will work with my tongue to slide in and out of you. Maybe a nice toy to slide deep inside you while I lick all around you back up to your hard cock waiting for me to stuff it deep in my mouth. I can’t wait for you to gasp while you are grabbing me a shoving me inside your mouth. I am hungry now and I can’t wait to be inside you. I roll you on your side, but I left the you inside you. I rub myself against you and turn your head to me and kiss you passionately as I remove the plug from you and replace it with my hard cock. I slide right inside you as you push yourself on me. We start to move together as I am sliding in And out of you. I also can’t wait to have you inside me with my toy back inside your lovely ass. After you cum I make you lie in front of me so I can feel the toy still inside you. I love it there. Maybe my vibrating egg will go inside you next. I want to watch you get off again with it inside you while I am sucking your cock and licking your ass. Soooooooo gooood.

  30. andy-kya says:

    Hi Amy! You are very beautiful!! my name is Andrey, I am from Saint Petersburg, Russia. In 23 October I will be in Thailand (Pattaya), ‘d like to meet you!

  31. mitchel says:

    You are so beautiful and sexy.

  32. Tank says:

    YES!…. Amy I love every one of your pictures…. You have never taken a bad picture in your life.

  33. Carl says:

    You are very attractive & beautiful, but I would love to get to know your heart more so than your body.

  34. momo says:

    I love you Amy. Need you and your beautiful cock

  35. mark says:

    My deam is with your legs wrap around my cheek with your cock inside my mouth so I can suck your cock.

  36. mark says:

    If I get rich someday. I would married you and would let you wrap your legs around my cheek while you are fucking
    In the mouth.

  37. mark says:

    Amy, my dream is you sitting on my shoulder with your worm sexy soft cock in my mouth push in and out until you put all of your nice worm tasty juicy pink cum inside my mouth so I can swallow all of it down my throat.

  38. mark says:

    Amy. I had a dream about you.I was in bed with you sucking your cock.then after that I got up then bending over so you can put your cock in my ass then started to fuck inside my ass until you started to cum inside my ass really hard.and I love you and you have a awesome cock too

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