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33 Responses to About me on Facebook

  1. ron says:

    Hi princess,hope you are feeling better..xoxo

  2. Nick says:

    I love you Amy. You so gorgeous. Keep up the great work.

  3. Kenneth Leachman says:

    You have become my obsession…I have been looking for your pics all night and got no sleep when I stumbled on one of your photos! Ughh ill be so tired at work today… you are more gorgeous than any woman I’ve dated and I would do anything to meet you one day. Anyway glad I found your blog, I hope the best for you pretty lady. Have a great day ;)

  4. Pat says:

    Great pics and a fantastic website!!
    My name is pat, WM,53,great shape.
    How long will u b in Stamford ?

  5. michael says:

    kun amy, kun pak yuu tii new haven mai?

  6. Didy says:

    Hello Amy.. I was on youtube and saw your video.. I watched it and found you are interesting.. I just like your page… Is nice.. and as a Ladyboy I thought we have some common among us.. Cheers.

  7. Fred Daley says:

    Amy,I have seen a lot of really beautiful women in my life. I truly think that you are the sexiest, the most beautiful of any woman on this planet.I enjoy looking at your amazing photos and videos.I also believe that you have a great loving personality. Thank you Amy for sharing your beauty, your incredible sexiness and your personality with me and all of those men and women who can truly appreciate your exotic and honest transformation. I look forward to being one of your many lovers someday. Thank you, Fred Daley

  8. Philip Gorilla says:

    I like how this video makes you accessible to me in my mind.

  9. faissal says:

    hello amy
    I don’t think you remember me or even know me
    I was a random guy who had sex with you very long time ago .
    you where not fames back them or if you were I didn’t know
    we met in a bar in pattaya I like you we talked then went to a room clos by we had sex payed the money and kissed then you went back to work and I went to my hotel happy .. in the morning I left Thailand back to Kuwait
    thinking only about you
    and if I can see you again .. I didn’t think I will see you again
    after about a year I came back to pattaya with you in my mind I didn’t know your name back then we didn’t talk about names
    I didn’t know how to ask about you .. so I just went to the bar I met you in
    didn’t see you .. looked around for about 5 days then gave up
    I thought maybe she got another job or something or moved ..
    b4 you and after you i had sex with a lot of ppl men women shemales couples even groups . and tried every thing there is to try about sex
    then i got marred so i stoped all that.. but the only thing i remember think about and fantasy about is you .
    now i don’t think i will cheat on my wife but if i do .. it will only be with you
    you are the best thing that happened to me and we only ben together for about 2hrs :)
    maybe you remember this .. you cam on your belly wen i was fucking your ass and i wanted to eat that .. but you kinda got shocked and saed (( you like that )) then i got shy .. i wish i didn’t get shy and i wish i ate that cum :)
    thank you for being you

    yours faissal

  10. Z.Allora says:

    Dear Amy,
    Greetings. I am a romance writer. I love Thailand and was fascinated by the unique energy of the katoey. They have inspired a new series I am working titled= The Ladyboy Chronicles: Illusions & Dreams.
    Hugs, Z.Allora
    fbook at ZAllora Allora if you have time.

  11. samer says:

    hi i want to meet Amy in Phuket 8/8/2013

  12. claude shull says:

    I have wanted to lay down with you and cuddle. may I hug you ?

  13. Glen says:

    Dearest Amy,

    My name is Glen and I am from Long Island,NY.
    I wish that you were in my life. I wish you could spend a day on the beach with me. To soak up the sun and stroll the Atlantic shoreline together would be a dream come true. Lots of sun and sand and beautiful ocean. Maybe go swimming
    ( skinny dipping ) with no clothes on … lol.

    I adore you Amy and I believe that you are one of the most charming and warm hearted of all ” Ladies ” like you. My
    thoughts and warm wishes are with you. I simply adore you.

    Do you ever visit Long Island , NY ? Robert Moses State Park is a 5 mile stretch of beautiful beach and I think you would love it very much. If you visit , it would be such an honor to meet you.

    Love and Hapiness always,

    Glen xxxxx

  14. Mark says:

    Hi Amy,

    I got addicted to you when I seen that video you have on Ladyboy Inc. I just wanted to know, do you have sex with fans?

  15. Erik says:

    Hi Amy. You are beautyful and sexy. Hopefully i meet you one day,
    big kiss, Erik Sweden

  16. jeremiah says:

    Amy…I just wanted to know if you like being rimmed. I never saw it done in any of your videos. Do you like your cum bein eatin and what size cock do you prefer.

  17. ravenhawk says:

    what bars do you go to in Pattaya

  18. brian says:

    hi Amy I have a ladyboy lover who I will marry but I still would love to meet you I think your great and would like to have sex with you

  19. mark says:

    Amy.if we do me .can I suck your cock and your balls

  20. mark says:

    Amy.you are my dream girl. Every time I sleep I am dreaming about you with your sexy legs next to my cheek with your cock in my mouth.

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